8 best ecommerce plugins for WordPress

With more and more users doing  online shopping , there is a considerable rise in companies of e-commerce or online shopping . When we talk about ecommerce , seems to exist only online software stores as Magento and Prestashop, as if they were the only tools to mount an online store. It is a fact that are really good, and if you have the budget you can get to work wonders with them. We must also say that their support is very good and there are great professionals working behind these tools.

But let the reality of many What if my budget is small and I want to add to my  online store some more functionality? Well, you have at your disposal the CMS wordpress plugins and a string of ecommerce can Usari and configure to taste in a few minutes. In fact, before this step is important to know the  main elements of an online WordPress .

Before proceeding, I recommend reviewing the best plugins for wordpress  and best websites to buy premium wordpress templates  I choose consciously.

Best WordPress plugins for ecommerce

#1 Cart66

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce cart66 lite wordpress ecommerce

Cart66 offers a free version and a professional version with different licensing options to choose from. The free version includes basic features for e-commerce such as order management, promotions management, tax and shipping charges, support for multiple currencies, customizable email reports and more.

Cart66 also has some features that make it a unique wordpress plugin and one of the best options based on the needs of your ecommerce project . The professional version supports recurring payments and access to members. Also, both the free and pro version allows you to sell products of any page or post. The professional version integrates with the popular plugin Gravity Forms forms together and open up great possibilities.


#2 Ecwid

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce ecwid shopping cart

shopping cart plugin for free and very complete, Ecwid is incredibly easy to use and can be configured in 5 minutes. You can install this plugin  on your WordPress page, your Facebook page and even configure it for use on mobile devices. The role of “mirror” allows you to manage the purchase from many pages from a central console.

In addition to the free plan with standard features of e-commerce , Ecwid offers premium plans starting at $ 15 a month offering volume discounts, discount vouchers, inventory management and much more.


# 3 eShop

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce eshop

eShop is a p Lugin free e-commerce which has been downloaded more than half a million times. It includes features like multiple product options, basic statistics and sales data, shipping and sales tax options, configurable email templates, basic inventory control and more.


#4 JigoShop

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce jigoshop

JigoShop  is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to have an online store easily and without complications. Just fill in a few fields, go up photographs of items and will list your online store in a few steps .

JigoShop allows you, among other things, the following features:

  • Adds own themes and plugins
  • Detailed orders
  • Information through graphics
  • Widgets for WordPress control panel
  • Possibility of discount coupons
  • Payments with Paypal, skrill, cash and debit

With JigoShop have the full power of WordPress combined with the simplicity of a plugin, creating a simple and very powerful combination.


#5 Woocommerce

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce woocommerce excelling ecommerce

From one of the creators of the premium templates most famous for WordPress (Woothemes), have created an ecommerce plugin called  WooCommerce . WooCommerce is a fork of JigoShop, or whatever it is, is based in the plugin JigoShop plugin. They managed to improve substantially, especially in the language, which still translates JigoShop environment and shop jewellery online from English into Spanish. This is the most visible improvement since with WooCommerce Store have both admin panel and fully translated into Spanish.

WooCommerce among other things allows you to:

  • A panel sales with very detailed analytical
  • Filtering shipments, which allows us to define shipping charges depending on the country or
    to which the packet is directed area, or depending on weight of shipment
  • Custom Taxes
  • Custom user area, where each user can see the status of their orders,
    manage their data, etc
  • Order management: It has a special area where order management to change
    the status of orders (shipped, packing, received …) for customers, reduce
    stock, send invoices, etc
  • Allows creation of simple products (a single object), grouped (similar products)
    or variations (same product, different combinations)
  • Inventory control, allowing to know exactly how many products you can sell
  • Allows management of your payments by Paypal, credit card (Paypal gateway),
    payment by bank transfer and cash on delivery

It is a plugin for comprehensive and highly recommended online stores because its developer community that continues to innovate and its great possibilities.


#6 Shopp

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce shopp

Shopp  is a premium plugin that is on the market for years and has become one of the most popular plugins e-commerce for years. A single license for a single website, is available for $ 75.The plugin developer option goes for $ 299. Some of its features include coupon codes, control tax and shipping, products, RSS feeds, different types of view, order management, email notifications, integration with payment gateways and many more.


#7 WP eCommerce

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce wp ecommerce

WP eCommerce  is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to mount an online store in a few steps to sell your products almost instantly. It has the most used online payment systems and the only downside is that the plugin is in English.

Although it is a free plugin, has some limitations that can be unlocked  by buying this plugin in its gold version , which costs $ 47. This will allow us to upload multiple images to a single product, implement a search engine in stock deals, etc.

In addition they also sell aggregates (addons) that give more versatility to the store, as it may be an addon that lets you drag and drop items to the cart, display the products in different ways, to integrate an audio player for music sales, etc.


#8 TheCartPress

mejores plugins wordpress ecommerce thecartpress ecommerce shopping cart

This plugin for online shopping is the easiest and least known of all. One of its advantages is that it has the ability to purchase payment gateways for various Spanish banks. The online store that generates fully translated into Spanish, but change is a little more complicated to understand than before.

Among many other features TheCartPress features:

  • Payment Gateways for different Spanish banks
  • Generate crowfunding projects with plugin
  • Building a Marketplace for others to sell your products on your website
  • System affiliate products or services
  • It has a forum where the community responds to questions
  • It is multilingual, so you will not have problem with the language
  • It is multi-currency, so you can have your store in any world currency

TheCartPress is a good option if you need a payment gateway of a Spanish bank , but change is not as well known and as used by the WordPress community.



It is my humble opinion, but after using these ecommerce plugins for WordPress , I have to say:

  • JigoShop and WooCommerce plugins are the ones I liked . Simple and understandable, and above WooCommerce is entirely in Spanish. In contrast no TPV for Spanish banks.
  • Ecwid, Cart66 and eShop are fine, but they lack to be in Spanish and offer more configuration options.
  • WP eCommerce is a good plugin and  modulosdepago.es  has TPV for him. Something expensive in my opinion.
  • And finally TheCartPress did not convince me at all in simplicity and usability, but has to pay POS module.

For a small business such as a restaurant, bakery, or florist shop, is very interesting to create a free blog or  create a blog thinking about SEO  and WordPress once you have traffic, online shop mountone of these plugins .

What did you think? Would you have been good these plugins? Tell me what you think about it and do not forget to share.

15 free mobile applications for content management and RSS

In this article we leave 16 completely free application that you can install on your tablets and smartphones to manage content of social networking and RSS feeds of blogs or websites that you should follow. Most of them are available for both Android and iOs.

  1. FlipBoard (iOS and Android): This app receives updates from your social media and RSS feeds in a magazine format that is very attractive.
  2. Press (iOS and Android): it is similar to the above but with a different user experience design.In this application the news is very well organized and you can read the content without an Internet connection, something to consider.
  3. Feedly (iOS and Android): manager RSS feeds very similar to the well-known Google Reader, but it has a neat interface.
  4. WordPress (iOS and Android): Using this app can manage the content of our websites in WordPress in a very simple and intuitive way.
  5. Tumblr (iOS and Android) updates the contents of your profile on Tumblr since its official application.
  6. Mention (Android and iOS): As its name suggests, this application monitors the website and alerts all mentions of your brand.
  7. Flud (iOS and Android) app that lets you share the content of your RSS feeds in public and in private.
  8. Pocket (iOS and Android): With this utility you can save content that you find interesting to consult another time from your mobile device.
  9. Buffer (iOS and Android) application that brings the content you select from your social apps and feeds management to schedule and track publication of the impact of shared content.
  10. StumbleUpon (iOS and Android): discover interesting things thanks to this app shows you diverse content based on preferences that you set up.
  11. Yahoo! (iOS and Android): The most interesting thing about this app is that it has to integrate Summly, that summarizes the news utomatically.
  12. Ad Mins (iOS and Android): manager and reader feeds and social media updates.
  13. Perfect RSS Reader (iOS): Google Reader client for the iPad, not available for Android.
  14. Feeddler (iOS): also unique to Apple, is a manager of RSS feeds.
  15. Zite (iOS and Android) application that learns from your reading preferences on the web to show content that may interest you.

Do some knowledge? Have you tried any of them?

5 WordPress plugins for mobile phones

The use of the network through the technology of mobile devices is growing rapidly, for this reason then you share 5 of the best plugins that can change in your WordPress blog and optimize performance for mobile phones. These plugins will be extremely useful for people running mobile app marketing campaign.

One of the benefits of blogging platform WordPress, you do not need to make long distance or work to adapt your blog to the mobile network, just get off, install and activate a plugin is sufficient and your site will load faster, it will be seen organized and neat, as well as the font and size of text, are perfectly suited. There are many to choose from in this delivery we list 5 of the best according to opinion bloggers and users experience. The advantage of having a mobile friendly site is you can increase your app sales tremendously  from mobile customers

Plugins for your WordPress Blog friendly with mobile technology

1) Touch WordPress

WPtouch automatically transforms your site into a format style app, users can choose to use the “mobile friendly” version or can choose to view the blog on your design original, with an “off / on” button located at the bottom Site.

The charging time is fast and the images will be adapted to the size of the mobile screen, or in the settings panel settings for your blog you have the options to customize the plugin with icons, images, colors, etc..

This works great and with a lot of speed on the most popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre / Pixi and BlackBerry OS6.

2) Tap WP Mobile Detector

This plugin automatically detects from that search engine users are entering the workforce and active make your choice. The blog owner can choose between different templates and bind them to various search engines, to thereby improve the performance of the blog.

If you have a separate WAP or mobile website, this application or plugin also allows you to link and redirect traffic to your site or WAP phone.

3) WP Mobile Detector

In this plugin we have already mentioned in footnote: Worpress Optimize your blog for tablets and phones , this plugin is downloaded to second and only a matter of a few minutes, your site is already configured for the mobile network.

The plugin detects if the user is using a smart phone technology (smart) or a phone with standard technology and adapts and presents a WordPress template suitable for each type.

EL WP Mobile Detector also brings an installation automatically configures all all you have to do is download and activate it convenient and easy!

4) WordPress Mobile Pack

The WordPress Mobile Pack is an excellent and comprehensive tool to adapt the format to your blog network and mobile technology. Includes a mobile switch with which you can choose from different designs and formats of templates to suit best for different types of visits that your blog receives.

Allows you to choose between different mobile templates, extra widgets, adaptation to different devices and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the bloggers site or write new posts when they are away from home.

5) Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes. Each mobile device is automatically detected by the plugin or application and all aspects of your blog are tailored to the source of your visit.

The blog is benefited with this plugin as far to bring the minimum filing, power the best aspects of your blog and uses the best features and functionality that the technology of advanced mobile phones offer.